A bit about me

I started working in education with children with ASD in 2001.  I am currently a teacher and a PhD student .  Everything I share is based on my research into ASD, but most importantly my experience of teaching children with ASD and ID (Intellectual Disability).  A lot of my experience (and therefore my research) has been with children who are predominantly nonverbal.  I use the term nonverbal as this is a currently accepted term in the field of academia, though as yet there is no set definition or agreement as to what constitutes nonverbal. For the purpose of clarity, I use this term and only this term to describe those individuals with ASD who do not have functional verbal language skills.

The focus of my research dissertation is: reading abilities in nonverbal children with ASD.  In my opinion, currently a woefully neglected area of research.

My opinions are just that, my opinions based on my own professional experiences and research.  My aim for this blog is only to inform and never to offend.  I have no issue with anyone who doesn’t agree with my opinions.  However, I take great issue with anyone who doesn’t respect my (and others) entitlement to them!

I hope that whoever you are; professional, parent, both or neither, you will find something of what I share of some use 🙂

Best wishes,

Sharon Arnold