Offering Encouragement not Empty Praise

During a visit to my local cafe, I witnessed this interesting phenomenon, which if I am honest I had previously associated with America.  The reason for this association was the occasions when I have been in American supermarkets and heard the phrase ‘good job’ aimed over and over again in the space of five minutes at the same child; who, was usually doing little more than following mum around the supermarket and maybe grabbing the odd carton of juice or milk or whatever.  What I saw today,  was a young boy around 9 maybe 10 years old, who was praised not once, but 6 times for the way he was eating his beans on toast!  This got me thinking.  While in no doubt at all about the good intention behind such praise, is ill-thought-out over-praise doing children more harm than good?

Article: Offering Encouragement not Empty Praise


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